ToClassic.Top is a Scam! – [Ridiculous Discount Fraud]

ToClassic.Top is a discount retail scam that pretends to offer up to 98% off T-Fal cookware.

Launched less than a week ago, ToClassic.Top is already started to make waves within the consumer marketplace as being a notorious retail site that is too good to be true.

Affiliated with over 40 FAKE discount retail scams, ToClassic.Top is nothing more than a newly incepted scam targeting consumers through social networks like Facebook.

Learn why you should avoid the ToClassic.Top Scam and HOW to put yourself in a better position to recoup your stolen funds if you have fallen victim to this scam.

About ToClassic.Top


ToClassic.Top pretends to operate as a discount T-Fal retailer.

Incorporating the T-Fal logo into the header of their site makes it looks as if ToClassic.Top is affiliated with the T-Fal name brand when in actuality that is not the truth.

Immediately upon landing at ToClassic.Top, we are hit with an “Enjoy A 70% Off,” advertisement but this is purely deception my friends.

None of the products featured for retail at ToClassic.Top, which are 14 different T-Fal cookware goods, are actually for sale.

The site itself is nothing more than a massive deception that preys upon unsuspecting online shoppers who are looking to acquire good deals when shopping online.

T-Fal is the 15th name brand targeted by this unknown network that has made it their speciality to create short-life retail scams targeting name brand products.

Gathering their traffic almost entirely from Facebook along with other social sources, ToClassic.Top is an illicit retailer that we suspect will be conducting a multitude of misleading advertisement campaigns throughout the next couple weeks to follow.

Items featured on the homepage of ToClassic.Top reflect online savings up to 70% but if you visit the product page of ToClassic.Top you’ll notice how some products once retailed for $85.99 or $129.95 can be found marked down to $1.99, ‘savings’ up to 98%.

Do NOT Believe These FAKE Online Savings! It is a trap!

Contacting ToClassic.Top

On their Contact Us page there is a contact submission form, which is likely linked with the support email address Support@JDOnline.Info, which can be found nested underneath the drop-down Customer Service tab near the footer of their site.

There are social icons for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter yet when you click on them you are redirected to the official T-Fal social media pages, nothing in affiliation with ToClassic.Top.

Since ToClassic.Top is is no way, shape or form affiliated with T-Fal this creates a false veil of credibility that they are partnered with T-Fal.

It should be noted that the email address Support@JDOnline.Info is also the same email address used in conjunction with over 40 fake discount retail scams launched by this sleazy network to date.

Many consumers who have fallen victim to previously campaigned scams by this network report trying to email multiple times but no one ever seems to get a reply.

As with every previous scam launched by this network, ToClassic.Top operates with blatant anonymity and does not provide a reliable form of communication, so it’s quite obvious that this discount ‘retailer’ cannot be trusted and has much to hide.

Affiliated Discount Scams

The list of fraudulent discount ‘retailers’ are growing by the week.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we exposed a total of 50 scams launched by this network by months end.

Shared below are the scam sites that we’ve exposed by this network as of June 27th, 2019:

  1. BTMD.Online
  3. ZZPlus.Shop
  4. GoodTop.Shop
  5. HexPress.Shop
  6. WaShoes.Club
  24. GarminLive.Club
  25. ElectronicsStoreT.Me
  42. ToClassic.Top

Targeted Name Brands

  • HP
  • Nike
  • Vans
  • T-Fal
  • Keen
  • Yeezy
  • Adidas
  • Garmin
  • RayBan
  • Salomon
  • Converse
  • Air Jordan
  • Birkenstock
  • Ralph Lauren
  • The North Face

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ToClassic.Top ‘Tfal’ Goods.


ToClassic.Top was registered on June 21st, 2019 through the Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. registrar.

Detailed in the WHOIS report would be reference to an organization allegedly known as Liu Guojun which is supposedly based out of Nei Meng Gu, China.

Unfortunately we were unable to verify the authenticity of Liu Guojun.

As of June 27th, 2019, ToClassic.Top failed to reflect rankings amongst market intelligence websites such as SimilarWeb.

This does not surprise us in the least due to the fact that nearly every scam campaigned by this network have received almost the entirety of traffic by misleading consumers through deceptive advertisement campaigns conducted through social media outlets (primarily Facebook).

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

“We Usually Ship Out The Order To Your Given Address In 1 Business Days Since We Confirmed Your Payment, At The Same Time, We Will Email A New Invoice To You With The Tracking Number, You Can Tracking Your Order Online In 48 Hours Since You Received It .Goods Should Be Receive Within 7 To 12 Days.”

Processing times are said to take up to 12 hours.

No reference to refunds, returns or exchanges can be found at ToClassic.Top.

In the past, the operators behind these scams simply copy-and-pasted their sites page policies from one scam site to the next (hint why we copied a part of their Shipping & Return page into our review to potentially help us link future scams to come).

Furthermore, it has been revealed across multiple scam launches that the operators behind these fake discount retailers steal tracking numbers from shipping carriers such as UPS, DHL and Royal Mail and pawn them off as their own, when in reality they have no affiliation with the purchase orders conducted at ToClassic.Top.

ToClassic.Top Shipping & Return Policy (Support@JDOnline.Info).

ToClassic.Top – Scam or Legit?

ToClassic.Top is a discount T-Fal retail scam!

ToClassic.Top Scam Review

ToClassic.Top is a FAKE T-Fal discount scam.

Implying that they are affiliated with the T-Fal brand name is a deceptive practice mastered by this network of con-artists.

Targeting over 15 reputable name brands to date, we imagine we’ll be back at the drawing boards tomorrow exposing another iteration launched by this tireless network of low-life operators.

For those of you who have been scammed by ToClassic.Top or similar operators it is important that you follow the following steps:

Credit/Debit Card Users

  1. Contact your financial institution
  2. Initiate a chargeback
  3. Request a new credit/debit card (to prevent future unauthorized transactions, which HAS been reported)

PayPal Users

  1. File a Complaint
  2. Escalate the Case to a Claim
  3. Provide ALL the information you need to PayPal

To Escalate Matters

  • Share your experiences with local authorities
  • File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Share your story to others on the web (your feedback is always welcomed here)
  • Report the scam to the FBI Cyber Division
  • Leverage your social media to warn others about the scam

Outcome: ToClassic.Top is a Scam!

Scam Site: ToClassic.Top

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For days that I’ve been searching info about this toclassic page and finally found it. I knew something was wrong but just wanted some confirmation.

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