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SurrealUnicorn ( is a bogus discount retail scam!

Pretending to retail a generous collection of home improvement, women and beauty consumer goods at greatly reduced price rates, Surreal Unicorn is a convincing retail scam pretending to offer desirable discounted goods and products.

Receiving more than 50% of their total traffic from Facebook, it is obvious that the operators behind Surreal Unicorn are soliciting unsuspecting consumers by conducting misleading advertisement campaigns.

We invite you to continue reading our honest review to learn more regarding the Surreal Unicorn Scam!

About SurrealUnicorn is a poorly constructed retail site.

They feature a stunning and eye-catching background image when you first land on their homepage but as soon as you start to scroll down the page you begin to notice how those sleek site aesthetics begin to deteriorate.

Surreal Unicorns alleged featured collection include crude images which reflect blotchy pixelation that could hardly be thought of as legitimate.

The variety of discounted goods at is expansive to say the least.

The site reflects everything from kitchen goods, jewelry, electronics, home improvement goods, beauty accessories, car accessories and much more.

There are hundreds of discounted goods allegedly available for retail at Surreal Unicorn.

Each of these ‘discounted’ goods reflect savings ranging between 40% to 70% off.

Like most untrustworthy retailers starting to populate the online marketplace, Surreal Unicorn fails to include any information such as an About Us page, their origin story or how they came to be.

Instead, the site is structured to appear as a quick online shopping experience where consumers aren’t meant to delve deep into the inner workings of

Contacting Surreal Unicorn

There is no ownership or identifying information disclosed at

No reference to a corporate entity, company number, physical address or something as simple as a telephone number can be found.

The only disclosed method of contact with Surreal Unicorn would be through their email address

According to consumer feedback, the operators behind this scam will reply with evasive and vague answers for a considerable duration of time but after a couple months have elapsed it appears that the operators seize all communication with their consumers (victims).

We believe this is exercised to prevent consumers from filing credit card disputes and chargebacks with their financial institution.

You see, the more time that elapses since the time of the order the more difficult it becomes for consumers to successfully conduct a chargeback.

Surreal Unicorn Ad (2 Year Anniversary Promo Yet They Are Less Than 7 Months Old).

Shipping, Return & Refunds

Consumers may believe that they are safe with Surreal Unicorn because they offer PayPal as a payment method but don’t let that cloud your judgement.

Despite PayPal offering enhanced Buyer Protection, PayPal has proven susceptible and unwilling to help many consumers who have fallen victim to phony retail sites such as

Part of this reason would be because the operators behind these illicit retail scams are stealing tracking numbers from various shipping carriers and pawning them off as if they were their own.

This in turn creates a Buyer and Seller Protection that PayPal must then investigate further because if the sellers are incorporating real tracking numbers with their fake purchase orders then it makes these sellers appear more legit to PayPal.

Which is why if you have been scammed by Surreal Unicorns, or a similar shady entity, via PayPal it is important that you provide them ALL the information you can when you escalate your complaint to a claim.

Processing times are allegedly up to 5 business days of the order being placed.

From there, it is estimated that your shipment will arrive between 10 to 20 business days.

A fixed shipping rate of $5.99 is tacked on for all deliveries while there is no mention to which shipping carriers that Surreal Unicorn pretends to be relying upon.

According to the Return Policy, “The Company does not accept returns or refunds on any products once the product is delivered to the carrier.”

Items are said that they can be returned it they aren’t as described on the site, however, no consumer actually receives their products while the site fails to render a physical address of any sort so it would be impossible to conduct a return of any kind.

Surreal Unicorn ‘Goods.’

Popularity was privately registered on December 28th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 94,728 with a US rank of 21,273 as of July 4th, 2019.

Among the demographics most targeted by this scam would be: United States (65.51%), United Kingdom (6.79%), Canada (5.50%), France (5.45%) and Morocco (1.95%).

Approximately 51.18% of the sites traffic stems from social media based sources while Facebook contributes for 98.87% of all social based traffic.

It is evident that the operators behind this scam are employing deceptive and misleading advertisement campaigns through Facebook to solicit and funnel consumers into their retail scam.

Warning Signs

No Ownership Information

There is no ownership or identifying information at Surreal Unicorn.

The site operates with blatant anonymity, just as their Founders intended.

Surreal Unicorn Complaints

Surreal Unicorn first came to our attention after a consumer reported that she was having a hard time with the company.

Take a peak at the small snippet of the email that we received.

Surreal Unicorn Email Inquiry.

Lack of Transparency

When it comes to shopping with online discounted retailers you must make sure that the operation in question discloses verifiable ownership information.

Surreal Unicorn does not.

The lack of a physical address, telephone number or corporate entity when the site claims to be a company should be a red flag that cannot be overlooked.

1 Year Site Registration

It is unfair to assert that any retail site with a domain registration of 1 year is a scam but it is a common characteristic amongst illicit and fraudulent retail scam sites.

You see, many legitimate online retailers will register their site for a duration of 2 to 5 years as a way to save money overtime therefore reducing their overhead costs.

Affiliation With Other Scam Site

In addition (and thank you) to our reader inquiring about Surreal Unicorns, she also brought our attention to another related scam in employment by these operators.

The site (Tope.Store) reflects identical site templates, online saving widgets, navigational page menus featured in the footer of their site and many of the same consumer goods.

It is obvious to us that Tope.Store is affiliated with the Surreal Unicorn Scam.

Thank you again to our reader for pointing these scams out for us to expose!

Too Good To Be True

A good rule of thumb to abide by that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Surreal Unicorn and Tope.Store are perfect examples of a too good to be true retail scam. – Scam or Legit? is a discount retail scam!

Surreal Unicorn Scam Review

Surreal Unicorn is part of the infectious plague and never-ending volley of illicit and fake discount retailers that are swamping and further polluting the online marketplace.

None of the items featured available for retail at Surreal Unicorn are actually for sale while the only appearing agenda of these operators would be how they can better fleece you out of your hard-earned money.

Do your best not to subject yourself as a potential victim to discount retail scams and stick with verified and highly rated consumer shopping outlets such as

Outcome: SurrealUnicorn is a Scam!

Scam Sites: & Tope.Store

We invite you to share your feedback, insight and experiences with us below!

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