Take a look.

What you see beneath this very context would be a list. 

A list comprised entirely of scams, more specifically online scams.

Now these scams tend to root from various online marketplaces, also referred to in this case, as niches.

These niches tend to cover inexorably different but virtually community backed in one way or another. 

Among a few of the most common niches we cover include retail, finance, and work-at-home opportunities. 

What you see below is nothing more than a constant reminder that not everything you see online comes with face value. 

If you have suspicions of a scam please share your concern with us at

Are We Missing Some Scams?

Enlighten us! 


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One thought on “Scams

  • June 23, 2019 at 7:49 pm
    Permalink (Also known as laptop store) is fake laptop dealer which steal Credit card data. Please be careful when you are going to buy a laptop because they offer attracting discounts on every product.


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