Recover Stolen Funds

If you have been scammed or believe you have been scammed it is important that you remain in control in the situation as much as possible.

Which can be done easily if you follow a few of the steps shared below:

PayPal Users

  1. File a Complaint
  2. Escalate Complaint to Claim
  3. Provide PayPal all info to rule in your favor

Credit/Debit Card Users

  1. Reach Out To Your Financial Institution 
  2. Initiate a Chargeback
  3. Request a New Credit/Debit Card (To prevent future unauthorized charges)

Escalate Your Case By:

  • Filing a Complaint with the FBI Cyber Division
  • Sharing Your Experiences with Local Authorities
  • Sharing Your Experiences with us to Warn Thousands
  • Filing a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

Remember: The operators behind many illicit retail offers and day trading opportunities are NOT genuine. 

Reports of many fraudulent discount ‘retailers’ take root through social media.

Facebook is the main social media outlet relied upon.

Reports of advertisements seen of Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest have been reported

Ex: The Support@JDOnline.Info Network is responsible for the creation of over 60 fake discount ‘retail’ scams.

Many of the illicit offers also do just about anything to entice consumers into their market place.

Another Example: The Support@JDOnline scam organization has created 10 fake Nike sites that we know of to date.


Each of these sites reflected online sales on ‘name-brand goods.’

Sales up to 90% off we not uncommon – and are still to do this day, not uncommon.

Due to Facebook’s lack of advertisement enforcements, these scammers are easily able to manipulate Facebook users through misleading ad campaigns that funnel consumers into their fake scam sites.

The JDOnline network, for instance, for responsible for over 60 fake discount scams to date.

You should be made aware of that these retail hoaxes claim to provide ‘tracking numbers’ with their orders when in reality they unethical operators are actually stealing unrelated tracking numbers from shipping carriers such as UPS, Royal Mail and DHL and pawning them off as if they were for their own purchase orders.

It didn’t take long for consumers to realize the tracking numbers had nothing to do with them.

This confusion tactic creates a good amount of time as well, sometimes months since the transaction date, meaning that the crooks have had their money for a long time.

The longer that the crooks have your money the more difficult it is to exercise the steps above and get them back.



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