Rbtns Scam Exposed – (ANOTHER Fake RayBan Scam!)

Do NOT Buy from the Rbtns (Rbtns.com) Scam!

Masquerading as another illicit discount RayBan scam, Rbtns is the 8th scam iteration that we’ve exposed in affiliation with this unknown network of oversea operators.

Pretending to offer sales up to 90% off, Rbtns employs all the tricks in the books to make you more susceptible for falling for their misleading online ‘retailer.’

We invite you to learn more regarding the Rbtns Scam by reading our honest review.

Quick Insight

  • Rbtns pretends to offer up to 90% off
  • Rbtns.com was created on 06/27/2019
  • Pretends to operate as a discount RayBan ‘retailer’
  • No ownership information is shared (operates anonymously)
  • Rbtns is the 8th scam we’ve encountered by this unknown network
  • Consumers report being scammed by previously launched campaigns

About Rbtns

You may have first encountered Rbtns while browsing social media.

The main social hubs that we found to be used by these operators would be Facebook and Instagram, although some reports of advertisements appearing on Pinterest have also been reported.

Among the main goal of these misleading advertisement campaigns would be to funnel consumers into their unscrupulous ‘retail’ site.

Rbtns is no different in this regard, nor are any of its predecessors.

Every scam launched by the unknown network of operators behind these illicit retail scams have relied almost entirely upon social media networks to mislead consumers into their marketplace.

This has enabled the operators behind Rbtns to not only conduct much more aggressive and misleading advertisements but also has enabled these corrupt operators to create multiple scam sites at a time to cycle in rotation.

So what exactly is Rbtns?

Rbtns, hosted at Rbtns.com, pretends to retail various RayBan sunglasses for both men and women.

Every pair of RayBan sunglasses that you see at Rbtns reflect ‘savings’ up to 90% off.

Allegedly Rbtns supports the following RayBan sunglass models:

  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Clubmaster
  • Caravan
  • Round
  • Justin
  • Erika

RayBans once retailing for over $200 to $300 can ALL be found marked down under $20.

In fact, every pair of RayBans that you see ‘for sale’ are $19.99.

Quite the deal, right?

WRONG! The only true things available for ‘purchase’ are your deception along with the theft of your hard-earned money.

No RayBan sunglasses are actually for sale at Rbtns.com.

Contacting Rbtns

“We are professional online company in the world. We offer quality and fashion Ray Ban Sunglasses for buyers all over the world.”

This is the same template that we’ve seen used in two previous launched RayBan scams (both of which are identical to Rbtns).

Rbcdd.com and Rbdsn.com are the two sites that we are referring too.

You can learn more about them in our reviews:

No reference to a physical address, telephone number or email address can be found at Rbtns.com.

The only way consumers have to reach out to Rbtns would be through their contact submission form on their site but we doubt that the operators are replying to any inquiries since it is well-known that these operators are seasoned scammers.

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Shipping, Returns & Refunds

The Shipping & Return Policy featured at Rbtns.com is the same featured at both Rbcdd.com and Rbdsn.com.

Processing times are said to take up to 48 hours while delivery times are estimated to be between 5 to 7 business days.

Allegedly the operators behind Rbtns are relying upon DHL, EMS and UPS shipping carriers to deliver their packages but as we have made well-known in our previous reviews many fraudulent retail sites are actually stealing tracking numbers from various shipping carriers and pawning them off as their own.

The tracking numbers obviously have no affiliation with their purchase orders.

Why do the corrupt operators do this?

We believe they employ this tactic for 2 main reasons.

  1. To help their site appear more credible
  2. To delay and prolong the amount of time from the purchasing date for consumers to contact their financial institution (or PayPal) to request a chargeback (after they realized they have been scammed) – by creating a greater margin of time between the purchase date and chargeback it becomes much more difficult for consumers to get their money back.
Rbtns Identical Shipping Return Policy with Rbcdd.com & Rbdsn.com.


Rbtns.com was privately created on June 27th, 2019 by an unknown registrar allegedly based out of Corse, France.

Rbtns.com failed to reflect any web rankings on SimiliarWeb as of July 29th, 2019.

This could partially be contributed to the youthfulness of Rbtns.com.

As with this scam networks previously debuted campaigns, Rbtns will rely mostly upon social media networks to attract consumers into their deceptive site.

Rbtns Warning Signs

No Ownership Information

Rbtns fails to disclose any ownership or contact information enabling them to operate with blatant anonymity – not a characteristic you should seek when shopping online!

Linked with Clone Scams

Rbtns is a near replica to a couple of previous RayBan scams that we’ve exposed by a corrupt network of con-artists responsible for over a half dozen retail scams to date.

Too Good To Be True

The ‘deals’ that you see featured at Rbtns.com perfectly embody the adage of if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Rbtns ‘RayBans for Sale.’

Rbtns.com – Scam or Legit?

Rbtns is a fake discount RayBan retail scam.

Rbtns Scam Review

Rbtns is yet another fraudulent discount RayBan site.

Pretending to be affiliated with RayBan while offering huge sales, free returns and free shipping, Rbtns is a misleading scam that should be avoided.

If you have been scammed we encourage you to follow some of the steps shared in our How to Recover Stolen Funds Guide while sharing your feedback with us below!

Last but not least, we ask that you do not only yourself but others a courtesy by avoiding the Rbtns scam and sharing this review.

Since these operators rely upon social media outlets to drive in potential victims to their site, you can expect this scam to spread quicker and more maliciously than wildfire.

Outcome: Rbtns is a Scam!

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