Rbdsn.com Scam Exposed – (Fake Discount RayBans)

Rbdsn (Rbdsn.com) is a FAKE online retailer pretending to offer discounted RayBan sunglasses.

Implying that they are directly affiliated with RayBan and Luxottica Group S.p.A., Rbdsn is built upon a fabrication of lies and deceit that run deep.

Pretending to offer up to 93% off a wide selection of RayBan sunglasses, Rbdsn is an overseas based discount site that tries to fleece consumers out of their money while operating with blatant anonymity.

To learn more regarding the Rbdsn Scam and what measures too invoke if you have been scammed we invite you to read our honest review.

About Rbdsn


Rbdsn.com claims to be a Ray-Ban entity.

When we first encountered the About Us page of Rbdsn, we are confronted with some history and insight regarding the name brand RanBan.

It isn’t until you scroll further down the page that you encounter the following, “We are professional online company in the world. We offer quality and fashion Ray Ban Sunglasses for buyers all over the world. We guarantee a safe and secure shopping environment. We have successfully taken out the risk of online shopping-from product ordering, secure payment and delivering.”

Their English grammar is poor while this isn’t the only case of poor grammar skills seen at Rbdsn.com.

In fact, their entire site is littered with poor grammar and punctuation skills.

An indicator that oftentimes you are not dealing with a legitimate online retailer.

Among the type of inventory allegedly sold would be RayBan sunglasses.

Reflecting online savings ranging between 90% to 93% on all their products should indicate to you that the offer you are seeing is too good to be true.

For example, sunglasses listed for $308.86 can be found marked down to $21.99.

Both men and women sunglasses are supposedly on sale at Rbdsn.com.

Contacting Rbdsn

Rbdsn does not provide any contact information on their site.

No reference to a telephone number, email address or contact submission form is shared.

To add, the site blatantly leaves out any ownership or identifying information.

No reference to the ‘professional online company’ is disclosed while the site fails to share a physical address or a hint to which company is running Rbdsn.com

It is obvious that the creators behind this fake RayBan retailer wish to remain anonymous and as free of liability as possible.


Rbdsn.com was privately registered on May 8th, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Detailed in the WHOIS report would be reference to how Rbdsn.com was registered by an undisclosed entity based out of Anhui, China.

According to SimiliarWeb, Rbdsn.com reflected a global rank of 2,858,287 with an Argentina rank of 248,285 as of July 1st, 2019.

Over 6% the sites traffic stems from Facebook but we imagine that this percentage will continue to grow as the operators behind Rbdsn will continue to leverage Facebook to solicit online shoppers into their scam site.

As a whole, it does not appear that Rbdsn receives a significant volume of their traffic organically so we imagine Rbdsn operators will rely heavily upon misleading display advertisement campaigns along with more social media ads to draw in unsuspecting consumers.

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

General delivery times are estimated to reside within 5 to 7 business days.

Processing times are said to take up to 48 hours.

Allegedly when you purchase you will be emailed a tracking number.

Now here is where things become more sketchy..

In order to conduct an exchange, you need to pay a restocking fee by Western Union of no less than $20 while your payment card will be charged an additional 15% non-refundable charge.

There are no references to a refund or return protocol.

No physical addresses are shared on their Shipping & Return page (or anywhere on their site) so it is obvious that the operators aren’t intending for any consumer to conduct any returns or refunds.

**It should be noted that many FAKE retail scams have been stealing tracking numbers from various shipping carriers such as UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, FedEx and USPS and pawning them off as if they were their own when in actuality it has nothing to do with their purchases – we imagine RBDSN.com is employing the same tactic.**

Rbdsn.com Shipping & Return Policy.

Rbdsn Warning Signs

No Ownership Information

The site claims to be a professional online company but everything that we’ve discovered when investigating their site reveals the contrary.

No ownership or identifying information of ANY kind can be found on their site.

It is clear that the operators wish to remain anonymous, now why would a professional company wish to do that?

Lack of Operational Transparency

Rbdsn is NOT transparent with consumers.

Their fail to disclose a conclusive origin story regarding their start up while their site was registered less than 2 months ago.

They claim to be affiliated with the RayBan name brand but this would be a lie.

Shady Exchange Policy

The exchange policy of Rbdsn.com is absolutely ridiculous.

Claiming that consumers have to pay a restocking fee via Western Union while having their credit or debit card charged again for 15% is downright theft.

Let’s not forget the sites blatant intention of leaving out a refund or return policy.

Too Good To Be True

The RayBan offers featured at Rbdsn.com fit the bill of a retail offer that is too good to be true.

Rbdsn.com – Scam or Legit?

Rbdsn.com is an anonymous retail scam pretending to offer highly discount RayBans.

Rbdsn Scam Review

Rbdsn.com is a FAKE online retailer pretending to sell highly discounted RayBans.

None of the RayBans featured for sale at Rbdsn.com are actually available for purchase.

Every item that you see featured is just a visual component of their site, Rbdsn does not house any RayBan inventory while their sole mission would be to fleece you out of your money to further line their pockets.

If you have been scammed by Rbdsn we ask that you share your experiences with us below while employing the following steps:

  1. Contact Your Financial Institution
  2. Initiate a Chargeback
  3. Request a New Credit/Debit Card
  4. Report Your Experiences with Local Authorities
  5. File a Complaint with the FBI Cyber Crime Division
  6. Share your feedback with us for the world to be warned!

Outcome: Rbdsn is a Scam!

Scam Site: Rbdsn.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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