Rbcdd.com is a SCAM! | FAKE RayBan Discount Scam

Rbcdd (Rbcdd.com) is a RIDICULOUS discount RayBan scam!

Pretending to operate as a discount retailer for the name brand RayBan, Rbcdd.com is yet ANOTHER scam iteration of a phony RayBan rip-off that pretends to retail discounted RayBan sunglasses.

Every item featured at Rbcdd reflects online savings of up to 90% off while the site claims these deals are a result of a Black Friday and Happy New Year Sale.

Both of which are LONG past endurance of being plausible.

To learn more regarding the Rbcdd Scam and which affiliated scam sites you need to steer clear of we invite you to read our investigative review.

About Rbcdd


Rbcdd.com is irrefutably affiliated with half a dozen other FAKE RayVan retailers.

Reflecting identical site templates, page policies and inventory selection, it is obvious that the operators behind these fake discount retailers are simply copying-and-pasting their site information from one scam launch to the next.

The only varying components would be different URLs (all of which are disclosed below) along with a changing which inventory pictures are nested where.

The only inventory featured for retail at Rbcdd.com would be men and women RayBan sunglasses.

Each item reflects online ‘sales’ up to 90% off.

Sunglasses once listed for €352.00 and €320 can both be found ‘marked down’ too €19.99.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the ole adage: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Well, Rbcdd is one of these cases and we’ll dive in deeper for you to understand why.

Contacting Rbcdd

The About Us page of Rbcdd gives site visitors the impression that Rbcdd is a direct retailer of RayBan sunglasses.

Providing a concise yet thorough background story on the origins of RayBan and the Luxottica Group S.p.A.

No reference can be found into how Rbcdd fits into this mold, however.

According to the footer of their site:

“We are professional online company in the world. We offer quality and fashion Ray Ban Sunglasses for buyers all over the world. We guarantee a safe and secure shopping environment. We have successfully taken out the risk of online shopping-from product ordering, secure payment and delivering.”

Since Rbcdd is a replica of 6 previously launched FAKE discount RayBan sites, all the information including the vagueness of their ‘company’ is the same.

Of course there is no reference to which corporate entity that Rbcdd may be referencing.

To complicate matters further for the consumer, Rbcdd.com fails to disclose ANY contact or ownership information at all.

So this means that there are no references to a company number, corporate entity, physical address, telephone number and an email address.

Just as like operators would like it to be, Rbcdd.com operates with blatant anonymity.

Rbcdd Discount ‘RayBan Sunglasses.’


Rbcdd.com was privately registered on June 11th, 2019 (less than a month ago) through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Their domain is set to expire in a calendar year while the alleged registrar behind the site is based out of Massachusetts, US (although we imagine that the real operators behind this scam are employing a VPN to hide their true location).

Rbcdd.com failed to reflect any web rankings on SimiliarWeb as of July 6th, 2019.

This reveals to us that Rbcdd.com does not receive much, if any, organic site traffic.

Like its predecessors, we imagine that they will rely almost entirely upon Facebook along with a few other social networks to mislead and funnel unsuspecting consumers into their scam site.

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

Since every page policy of these linked RayBan scam sites are identical and copied from one iteration to the next, it is natural that Rbcdd would reflect the same information and policy page as we exposed in our Rbdsn.com Review.

Allegedly processing times can up to 48 hours while delivery times are said to take between 5 to 7 business days.

What we found absolutely ridiculous when we exposed the Rbdsn Scam would be their alleged refund/restocking protocols.

You see, consumers wishing to restock their purchases must pay a restocking fee via Western Union of no less than $20 while your payment card used in the transaction will be charged a non-refundable charge equating to 15% of your purchase.


These slick operators claim that consumers will receiving a tracking number in their email confirmation but only AFTER the order has been shipped.

This is yet more hogwash.

**It should be made aware that many FAKE retail scams have been incorporating stolen tracking numbers from shipping carriers like DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, FedEx and USPS and pretending that they are associated with their purchase orders – if Rbcdd is really sending tracking numbers we imagine that they employing a tactic similar to this.**

Rbcdd Identical Shipping & Return Policy.

Rbcdd Warning Signs

No Ownership Intel

Talk about bare-bones.

Rbcdd.com talks a good game but they sure as hell don’t walk a good one.

There is no ownership or contact information what-so-ever at Rbcdd.com.

Linked with Clone Scams

Rbcdd.com is the 7th fraudulent discount RayBan site that we’ve revealed by this unknown network of corrupt operators.

Corrupt Return Policy

The return policy featured at Rbcdd.com is absolutely preposterous and only continues to further put the consumer at a considerable disadvantage.

Rbcdd.com – Scam or Legit?

Rbcdd.com is a fake discount RayBan retail scam.

Rbcdd Scam Review

Rbcdd is part of growing series of fake RayBan discount ‘retailers.’

Relying upon misleading social media advertisement campaigns to solicit consumers into their scam site, Rbcdd operates without a moral compass and with no remorse.

Do your best not to entangle yourself with such shady operations.

The sad fact of the matter is that fake discount scams are becoming more common as time continues to tick away, overpopulating the online marketplace with illicit offers, it is more important than ever to stick with reputable and verified retailers.

If you’ve been scammed or know some valuable insight we ask that you please share it below for others to benefit from.

Outcome: Rbcdd is a Scam!

Scam Sites
Rbcdd.com, Rbdsn.com, NYSpecialUS.Pro, MartsMall.com, MVPCanzy.Site, RBWWO.com & BmhBovys.Pro

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!

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