RayBXC Scam Exposed – [ANOTHER Fake RayBan Site]

RayBXC (RayBXC.com) is a SCAM!

DO NOT SHOP with this FAKE RayBan discount ‘retailer!’

Affiliated with over 40 discount retail scams to date, RayBXC is part of a corrupt network of con-artists that specialize in creating fake discount retail stores targeting name brand products.

To date over 15 reputable name brands have been targeted and RayBXC is just another variation of ANOTHER fake RayBan discount site that we’ve previously exposed.

To learn more regarding the RayBXC Scam and what to do if you have been scammed we invite you to read our honest review.

About RayBXC


RayBXC.com pretends to be a discount RayBan retailer.

Offering up to a 90% discount on all their products, every pair of ‘RayBan’ sunglasses available for purchase at RayBXC is marked down to €19.99.

It should be noted, however, that nothing is actually for sale at RayBXC.com.

Like every scam iteration preceding RayBXC, the operators behind these fake discount sites only pretend to retail discounted goods but never ship any goods.

Deceiving hundreds of online shoppers to date, this network is consistently colonizing illicit discount ‘retailers’ and have created nearly 50 phony retail sites to date.

It is obvious that we are dealing with a VERY corrupt and immoral scam network.

Contacting RayBXC

There are no physical address, telephone numbers or identifying information disclosed at RayBXC.com.

Shared below are the only 2 contact methods we found at RayBXC:

  • Support@JDOnline.Info
  • ShoeService@YcSale.com

Neither of these email addresses have an affiliation with the URL RayBXC.com as you can see.

The email address ShoeService@YCSale.com is a new email address that we have not confronted with these retail scams to date.

The Support@JDOnline.Info email address, on the other hand, we are only ALL too familiar with since that has been the main ‘contact’ email used in nearly every scam launched by this network to date.

RayBXC 'RayBans'
RayBXC ‘RayBans’

Affiliated Scam Sites

Shared below are all the scam sites that we’ve exposed to date that is affiliated with the same corrupt network at RayBXC:

  1. HexPress.Shop
  2. GoodTop.Shop
  3. ZZPlus.Shop
  4. BTMD.Online
  5. XCDour.com
  6. MyLimitLife.com
  7. LowPriceStores.com
  8. WaShoes.Club
  9. NotVK.com
  10. KenCT.com
  11. ToClassic.Top
  12. Norsp.com
  13. NorPD.com
  14. NikeKW.com
  15. NikePW.com
  16. NikeZB.com
  17. NikePY.com
  18. NikeBT.com
  19. NikeBN.com
  20. NikeXK.com
  21. NikeBS.com
  22. Adssk.com
  23. KeenTK.com
  24. KeenCP.com
  25. VansBB.com
  26. VansAA.com
  27. KwoMuo.com
  28. ConBT.com
  29. ElectronicsStoreT.me
  30. GarminLive.Club
  31. NorCX.com
  32. NotKP.com
  33. NotDC.com
  34. Smnkk.com
  35. Solokk.com
  36. Polots.com
  37. KernitShop.com
  38. Poloaa.com
  39. PoloKP.com
  40. PoloBC.com
  41. Bkenm.com
  42. BkenCP.com
  43. Rabnn.com
  44. RayBXC.com

Targeted Name Brands

  • HP
  • Nike
  • Vans
  • T-Fal
  • Keen
  • Yeezy
  • Adidas
  • Garmin
  • RayBan
  • Salomon
  • Converse
  • Air Jordan
  • Birkenstock
  • Ralph Lauren
  • The North Face

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RayBXC.com was privately registered less than a month ago on June 3rd, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

RayBXC failed to reflect any web rankings with SimiliarWeb as of July 1st, 2019.

This comes to no surprise to us since most of the scams affiliated with RayBXC that we’ve exposed to date reflected similar market intelligence reports.

Like every scam launched by the support@jdonline.info network, the operators rely almost entirely upon deceptive Facebook advertisement campaigns to draw in most of their site visitors.

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

“We Are A Uk Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

This is the SAME Shipping & Return template used in conjunction with over a dozen and a half of the scams exposed by this network.

Just copy and paste the bolded and italicized font above and submit it into our search widget and you’ll be able to see some of the scams we’ve exposed utilizing this same template, all of which are pretending to operate as discount name brand retailers.

As many consumers have reported, the operators behind these illicit retail sites are stealing tracking numbers from shipping carriers like UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, FedEx and USPS and pretending that they are their own when in reality they have no affiliation with their purchase orders.

It is a tactic utilized for 2 purposes:

  • To create the illusion that you are shopping with a legitimate online retailer
  • To hold the scammed consumer at bay allowing more time to elapse before they contact their financial institution and initiate a chargeback, this increased marginal time in turn makes it more difficult for the consumer to reverse the transaction
RayBXC.com Shipping & Return Replica Policy.

RayBXC.com – Scam or Legit?

RayBXC.com is a scam.

RayBXC Scam Review

RayBXC is the epitome of a discount retailer that is too good to be true.

None of the highly discounted RayBays allegedly for retail at RayBXC.com are for sale.

These are just solicitous offers meant to entice a consumer into purchasing through their site.

The only thing really for sale at RayBXC would be your deception and the theft of your hard-earned money, do your best not to allow yourself to fall victim to such ridiculous discount scams!

For those of you who have already been swindled and deceived by these corrupt operators you can try exercising some of the steps shared below:

Credit/Debit Card Users

  1. Contact Your Financial Institution
  2. Initiate a Chargeback
  3. Request a New Credit/Debit Card

PayPal Users

  1. File a Complaint
  2. Escalate the Complaint to a Claim
  3. Provide PayPal all Info required to rule in your favor

To Escalate Your Case

  • Share Your Experiences with Local Authorities
  • File a Complaint with the FBI Cyber Division
  • File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Share Your Experiences With Us To Have Your Voice Be Heard By Thousands

Outcome: RayBXC is a Scam!

Scam Site: RayBXC

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!

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