RayBW.com Scam Review – (RayBan Imposter Exposed)

Do NOT Buy from RayBW (RayBW.com)!

Operating as a FAKE RayBan discount retailer, the RayBW Scam is sweeping the various consumer marketplaces and social media outlets spewing illicit retail offers on ‘discounted’ RayBans.

None of the items that you see advertised by RayBW are actually for sale while the network of shady operators behind RayBW are responsible for over 60 discount scam sites!

Don’t believe the hype nor the outlandish ‘online sales’ surrounding RayBW – it is mass deception at the best.

To learn more regarding the RayBW Scam we invite you to read our insightful review!

About RayBW


RayBW pretends to be an affiliated retailer of the name brand RayBan.

Going so far as emblazoning the RayBan logo directly into the header of RayBW.com, RayBW is just another scam iteration that we’ve encountered by this unknown network.

In fact, RayBW is the 3rd phony RayBan ‘discount’ site that we’ve exposed by this network.

The other two scam RayBans sites we’ve previously exposed are Rabnn.com & RayBXC.com.

Like its predecessors, RayBW is essentially a copy-and-pasted iteration of RayBXC.

RayBW supports the same RayBan inventory and reflects identical page policies and textual information with both Rabnn and RayBXC.

RayBans once retailing for €340.00 or €222.00 can both be found ‘marked down’ to a price of €19.90.

Similar to the 60+ scams that we’ve linked and exposed in affiliation with RayBW, RayBW.com operates with blatant anonymity.

There is no disclosure of a verifiable corporate entity, physical address or any identifying information that can used to help us narrow down who may be responsible for RayBW – a few traits that you DO NOT want to familiarize with when shopping online.

Contacting RayBW

The Contact Us page featured at RayBW.com only supports a contact submission form.

In order to find any real contact methods you need to visit the footer of their site where we are provided with the following 2 email addresses:

  • ShoesService@YCSale.com
  • Support@JDOnline.Info

You should be forewarned, however, that the operators behind both of these email addresses never deem it necessary to respond to any emails that may flood into their inboxes.

We’ve encountered countless consumer complaints (from those who have fallen victim to previously linked scams) that the operators never reply to emails, no matter how many emails one may send.

The Support@JDOnline.Info email is also the same email address that we’ve seen used in conjunction with over 60 of the scams launched by this shady network, hint why we oftentimes refer to these affiliated sites as JDOnline scams.

RayBW Discounted ‘RayBans.’

Shipping, Return & Refunds

“We Are A UK Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

As many of you follow us know, this is the SAME Shipping & Return Policy that has been used in over 2 dozen of the scams launched by the JDOnline network to date.

Claiming to be a UK company with regional warehouses nested within the UK, Germany and Spain are fabricated lies.

It is nothing more than a simple story used to create an illusive veil of credibility for RayBW and other affiliated scam sites.

The Shipping & Return policy also mentions reference to DHL, UPS and Royal Mail as their main shipping carriers but as we mentioned earlier nothing is actually for sale at RayBW, only your deception and theft of your hard-earned money.

To add, it has been reported MANY times that the operators behind these scams are actually incorporating stolen tracking numbers from various shipping carriers and pawning them off as if they were their own.

This creates the illusion that RayBW is satisfying your purchase orders when in reality they aren’t – they are just creating a greater margin of time before consumers request chargebacks, in turn making it more difficult for consumers to reverse the charges back in their favor.

RayBW Identical Shipping & Return Policy.

Scam Sites

When the Support@JDOnline network first started to take root through the online marketplace, they started with widely generic scam sites.

These scam sites ‘supported’ hundreds of discounted consumer goods ranging from just about anything you can imagine (household goods, knick-knacks, electronics, outdoor gear, kitchen utensils, automobile accessories, gadgets, etc.)

From there the operators decided to change up their scam tactics by targeting name brands and creating rip-off discount sites – which they have been creating in excess over the past few months.

Shared below are all the sites that we know of to date affiliated with the RayBW scam:

  1. IToyStudio.com
  2. Vipipdq.pw
  3. VansBV.com
  4. VansKE.com
  5. VansAA.com
  6. VansBB.com
  7. VansNN.com
  8. VansBV.com
  9. BKenCP.com
  10. BKenm.com
  11. KernitShop.com
  12. PoloBC.com
  13. Polots.com
  14. Poloaa.com
  15. Smnkk.com
  16. Solokk.com
  17. NotDC.com
  18. NotKP.com
  19. NorXC.com
  20. ElectronicsShope.Me
  21. ElectronicsStoreT.Me
  22. ConBT.com
  23. KwoMuo.com
  24. BKenK.com
  25. BKene.com
  26. TopHRDOnline.com
  27. SakhinSale.com
  28. AiainanSale.com
  29. RebookClassic99.Top
  30. FreeMShop.com
  31. WoentzSale.com
  32. KeenKT.com
  33. KeenCP.com
  34. KeenTK.com
  35. NorPD.com
  36. NorSP.com
  37. ToClassic.Top
  38. KenCT.com
  39. NotVK.com
  40. LowPriceStores.com
  41. MyLimitLife.com
  42. XCDour.com
  43. BTMD.Online
  44. ZZPlus.Shop
  45. HexPress.Shop
  46. GoodTop.Shop
  47. GarminLive.Club
  48. BasicBag.Club
  49. ZaShoes.Club
  50. GlamourShoes.Club
  51. WaShoes.Club
  52. AsicsBuy.Club
  53. Adssk.com
  54. NikeKW.com
  55. NikeBS.com
  56. NikePW.com
  57. NikeZB.com
  58. NikePY.com
  59. NikeBT.com
  60. NikeXK.com
  61. NikeBN.com
  62. NikeKF.com
  63. Rabnn.com
  64. RayBXC.com
  65. RayBW.com

Targeted Name Brands

  1. HP
    Air Jordan
    Ralph Lauren
    The North Face


RayBW.com was privately registered on June 22nd, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, RayBW.com reflected a Spain rank of 590,820 as of July 15th, 2019.

As with every iteration that we’ve encountered by this network to date, RayBW will likely rely heavily upon misleading advertisement campaigns conducted through social networks.

The most common social network we’ve seen these scams advertised across would be Facebook although we’ve also encountered them on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

RayBW.com – Scam or Legit?

Yes, RayBW is another fake RayBan discount scam.

RayBW Scam Review

RayBW.com is a fake discount RayBan scam site.

The retail offers featured at RayBW are ALL fake.

The only thing actually for sale would be the loss of your hard-earned money and deception.

If you have been scammed by RayBW or believe you know of an entity affiliated with this notorious scam network we invite you to share your insight with us below!

Outcome: RayBW is a Scam!

Scam Site: RayBW.com

We invite you to share your insight, experiences and feedback below!

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