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Prodejnacz ( is a FAKE Nike ‘discount’ retailer!

Introduced into the consumer marketplace by the notorious Support@JDOnline.Info scam network, Prodejnacz pretends to retail a generous selection of Nike footwear and apparel items.

Operating with complete and utter anonymity, Prodejnacz is part of a growing epidemic of illicit retail sites pretending to offer rare discounts on popular name brands products.

Soliciting consumers mostly through Facebook along with a few other social networks, Prodejnacz will be a short-term scam operation like the 40 other FAKE discount retail scams that we’ve exposed in cahoots with the scam network.

We invite you to learn more regarding the Prodejnacz Scam by reading our impartial review.

About Prodejnacz

Prodejnacz is a multi-faceted discount retail scam.

The majority of their inventory for ‘sale’ would be Nike based apparel goods but Adidas shoes can also be found available for retail at

Created less than 3 months ago, Prodejnacz has been able operate under the radar while meagerly campaigning their solicitous and misleading advertisements with near discretion (a characteristic nearly unfound with this scam network).

Unlike the past 30 or so discount scam sites that we’ve exposed in affiliation with operators, Prodejnacz supports a vast product line that reflects online savings upwards to 60%.

Most of the other scam iterations that we’ve encountered have boasted online savings upwards of 90% while usually capping their supported inventory to no more than 20 retail products.

Taking a more refined and less suspicious approach to enticing consumers is what makes Prodejnacz such a dangerous retail scam.

Both men and women apparel goods and footwear can be found allegedly for sale at while the two name brands being targeted would be Adidas and Nike.

According to their About Us page, “We are a company specializes in Best Quality of Designer Handbag Satchels, Shoes, Watches located in HongKong. As we are cooperating with original manufacturers and outlets sources, so our price can be lowest in the markets, we like to share this benefit with our customers. We hope with this small profits business to do long-term business with our customers. We have built a steady relationship of trust with every customer because of our quality and service, and we are looking forward to doing better with your support and trust.”

Quite a convincing story for consumers who aren’t well-rehearsed in the dangers of retail shopping or have yet to encounter a bad experience when shopping online.

No reference to an origin story or company name can be found

Contacting Prodejnacz

There has always been a strong linking characteristic between the scam sites that we’ve exposed in affiliation with the scams, apart from that email address.

This characteristic would be the blatant lack of ownership or identifying information.

No disclosure of a physical address, telephone number, corporate entity or anything of the sort can be found at

It is clear that the operators behind don’t wish to reveal any information relating to who they may be while they solely leave the email address as the only means to contact them.

However, as countless consumers have made well-known, the operators behind these fake retail scams never bother with responding to emails.

Now why would you want to shop with an unverifiable retail site that fails to be transparent and upfront with you?

The answer to that would be that you don’t!

The possibility of saving money on some goods IS NOT worth the risk nor the repercussions that will follow after you realized you were scammed.

Prodejnacz ‘Nike’ Goods.

Support@JDOnline.Info Scams

As we’ve stated early on, Prodejnacz is part of a growing epidemic of discount retail scams that are overpopulating the online marketplace with deceptive and malicious offers.

Prodejnacz is the 45th scam iteration that we’ve exposed to date by this relentless network while we expect this number to keep growing in the months to come.

  2. ToClassic.Top
  6. BTMD.Online
  8. ZZPlus.Shop
  9. HexPress.Shop
  10. GoodTop.Shop
  11. WaShoes.Club
  28. GarminLive.Club
  29. ElectronicsStoreT.Me
  44. ZaShoes.Club

Targeted Name Brands

  1. HP
  2. Nike
  3. Vans
  4. T-Fal
  5. Keen
  6. Yeezy
  7. Adidas
  8. Bothop
  9. Garmin
  10. RayBan
  11. Salomon
  12. Converse
  13. Air Jordan
  14. Birkenstock
  15. Ralph Lauren
  16. The North Face

As you can see, the network behind this ridiculous volume of fake discount sites have made it a ‘speciality’ of theirs to entice consumers by pretending to offer discounts on name brand goods.

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

Detailed on the Shipping & Return page would be the following, “Receipt of international orders take 4-8 business days. Generally, the total processing time and shipping are equal to the total delivery time. The processing time generally ranges from 24 hours to 2 days. Processing time includes receiving your order, transmitting information to the appropriate warehouse, packing and shipping the item to. After completing the treatment, the expedition begins. Transport time is the transit time express delivery from the warehouse to your delivery address.”

When you copy and paste this text into a Google search query you also encounter another scam site that supports the same contact information but also identical page policies.

We included this site above (

Now for those of you who have been to our blog before and run across our previous reviews regarding this network, you would likely remember how these operators have a tendency to simply copy-and-paste their page policies from one scam site to the next.

Well it appears that the operators are still employing some of the same tactics that they commonly utilize.

**It is important to know that consumers who have been scammed by previous scam launches affiliated with Prodejnacz have reported that the tracking numbers provided by these illicit discount sites are actually fake. You see, these operators are stealing tracking numbers from shipping carriers such as UPS, DHL and Royal Mail and pawning them off as if they are their own when in reality they are NOT!**

Prodejnacz_ShippingReturn & Identical Shipping & Return Policies.

Popularity was privately registered March 26th, 2019 through the Gransy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 3,900,812 with a Czech Republic ranking of 127,479 as of June 28th, 2019.

Over 40% of the sites traffic stems from referral based sources while most of the scams previously launched by this network have relied heavily upon social media hubs, such as Facebook, to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their retail scam. – Scam or Legit? is a bonafide scam!

Prodejnacz Scam Review is part of a growing lattice of discount retail scams.

Backed by an experienced scam network, Prodejnacz is nothing more than a short-term scam site that will cease to exist within a few months time.

As soon as the operators behind these fake discount sites are content with how much money they have fleeced from unsuspecting consumers or if their site is attracting too much negative attention then they will simply close down shop and move onto their next scam campaign.

Now for those of you who have fallen victim to Prodejnacz or similar scams, we are some simply measures you can employ to help try and recover your stolen funds:

PayPal Transactions

  1. File a Complaint ASAP
  2. Escalate your Complaint to a Claim
  3. Ensure PayPal has all the information required to rule in your favor

Credit/Debit Card Transactions

  1. Contact your Financial Institution
  2. Initiate a Chargeback after explain your situation
  3. Request a new credit or debit card to precent unwarranted future transactions to your payment card initially used in the purchase

To Escalate Matters Further

  • Contact local authorities
  • Report the Scam to the FBI Cyber Division
  • File a Complaint via Federal Trade Commission
  • Leverage social media platforms to warn others
  • Share your story on the web (your feedback is always welcomed)

Outcome: Prodejnacz is a Scam!

Scam Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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