Scam – Avoid Discount ‘Retailer’

PLOnlineSale ( masquerades as an online discount retailer.

Asserting affiliation with the reputable name brand Ralph Lauren, PLOnlineSale pretends to offer discounts as high as 90% off on select Ralph Lauren gear.

While we are unable to confirm this with utmost certainty, PLOnlineSale reflects the same site template, structure and characteristics as many of the scams we exposed with the Support@JDOnline network – which is responsible for over 70 fake discount online ‘retailers.’

We invite you to learn more regarding the PLOnlineSale Scam by reading our honest review.

Quick Insight

  • Created July 1st, 2019
  • Contact Method Provided is Unverified
  • No disclosure of ownership information
  • Potentially affiliated with 90+ retail scams
  • Primarily targeting consumers through Facebook

About PLOnlineSale is structured as a minimalistic online retailer.

Embedded into the header of their site is the Ralph Lauren logo.

The incorporation of the Ralph Lauren logo along with only retailing Ralph Lauren attire may lead consumers to believe that PLOnlineSale is affiliated with Ralph Lauren but that is certainly not the case.

Aforementioned, PLOnlineSale reflects sales between 60% to 90% off.

Every item featured for retail at is ‘on sale.’

A cardigan and hoodie once retailing for €111.39 and €117.01 can be found marked down to €13.94 and €12.64. fails to disclose any ownership information nor do they provide consumers with an About Us page to learn more regarding their retail venture.

Contacting PLOnlineSale

There is no ownership or verifiable contact methods disclosed at

No Contact Us page can be found while the site fails to disclose who is operating their site along with where they may be headquartered from.

There are social icons engraved above the footer of the site for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google + and Pinterest but they solely take you to the home pages of each social site – not a profile.

The only contact method we found would be down in the footer of the site, in small text, would be the email

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Shipping, Returns & Refunds states on their Shipping & Return page that they use Air International with USPS, DHL & UPS Express to handle order delivery.

No reference to order processing times can be found while orders are said to take between 10 to 15 business days.

No reference to exchanges, returns or refunds can be found on their site.

You should be made aware that many illicit online retailers acquire tracking numbers from various shipping carriers then pawn them off as their own tracking numbers – we suspect PLOnlineSale is likely employing a similar practice.

Additionally, only accepts credit card payments.

PLOnlineSale_Shipping Shipping & Return Policy.

Scam Sites

While PLOnlineSale may or may not be affiliated with the Support@JDOnline network, we did uncover some illicit discount retail sites that reflect the same email address ( among the following retail sites:

  1. YSFedMarket.Eu
  3. SalomLove.Site
  9. MVPCanzy.Site

Some of the sites shared above have been discontinued.

If is affiliated with the Support@JDOnline network, then we are talking about PLOnlineSale being in cahoots and affiliated with nearly 90 discount retail scams – NOT a trait you desire when shopping online!

You can browse our comprehensive list of scam sites launched by the network we believe to be potentially behind the PLOnlineSale scam in our Bogungmarket Review.

Popularity was privately registered on July 1st, 2019.

According to SimiliarWeb, failed to reflect any web rankings as of August 14th, 2019.

This could partially be contributed to the youthfulness of PLOnlineSale.

As with similar scams in the past, we predict that the operators behind PLOnlineSale will rely mostly upon misleading advertisement campaigns to solicit consumers into their marketplace.

Among the most utilized social hubs would be Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

PLOnlineSale Ralph Lauren Attire ‘On Sale.’ – Scam or Legit?

Yes, is a discount retail scam!

PLOnlineSale Scam Review is not a trustworthy online retailer.

Failing to disclose ownership, contact or headquarter information means that PLOnlineSale continues to operates from the shadows of anonymity.

If you have been scammed by, or a site you believe to be affiliated with PLOnlineSale, please share your experiences with us below.

Outcome: PLOnlineSale is a Scam!

Scam Site:

We invite you to share your experiences, insight and feedback with us!

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