NikeDZ Review – (Fake Nike Scam Exposed)

Do NOT shop with the NikeDZ scam.

NikeDZ ( is a discount Nike retail scam.

Implying affiliation with the Nike brand, NikeDZ appears too many consumers as an affiliated entity of Nike when in reality NikeDZ simply portrays this illusion to make you more inclined to purchase through their site.

Affiliated with over 70 discount retail scams, NikeDZ cannot be trusted.

To learn more regarding the NikeDZ scam we invite you to read our honest review.

About NikeDZ

NikeDZ is another scam funnel pretending to offer highly discounted Adidas footwear for up to 90% off.

NikeDZ is the 11th fake Nike/Adidas iteration that we’ve exposed in this series of scams.

Prior to these were the following Nike discount scams:


In total there are 20 different pairs of “Adidas shoes” for sale at

There is no information regarding the mission behind NikeDZ, who they are or where they can be physically located at – a characteristic we’ve seen displayed in the previous 70+ affiliated discount scams we’ve exposed.

Contacting NikeDZ

NikeDZ does to share a headquarter address.

No reference to a corporate entity can be found.

Additionally, the site fails to share a telephone or fax number.

The Contact Us page features a contact submission form while the footer of the site encloses the following email:

An email address that we’ve made well-known cannot be trusted since it is responsible for the creation of over a dozen retail scams that we know of.

Multiple attempts have been made by many consumers to connect with the operators behind these email addresses but people report never receiving a reply.

As a whole, NikeDZ operates with blatant anonymity and with no liability.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Major credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

The payment page does NOT include it but these same scams used to accept PayPal – which made many consumers believe that the retail sites were legitimate when in fact they were not.

In fact, many consumers report being unable to recover their stolen funds via PayPal despite PayPal’s Buyer Protection policies.

According to their Shipping & Return page, NikeDZ is, “We Are A Uk Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

This is the same About US template used in over 3 dozen retail scams launched by this unknown scam organization.

Allegedly consumers have up to 30 days to conduct a return or exchange – although consumers report never receiving any goods to begin with while the return policy fails to disclose a physical address for returns.

NikeDZ Identical Shipping & Return Policy.

Popularity was created less than 2 weeks ago on September 16th, 2019.

NikeDZ failed to reflect SimiliarWeb web rankings as of September 27th, 2019.

This can be partially contributed to the youthfulness of

In the past, and with nearly EVERY retail site campaigned by this corrupt organization, the vast majority of consumers who report being cheated came across the scams originally on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

In fact, Facebook is the most commonly reported network for these scams.

Since the creators behind these scams have conducted hundreds of misleading campaigns with their other scam sites across social networks it is likely only a matter of time before NikeDZ is following in the same footsteps.

NikeDZ Red Flags

No Ownership Information

When shopping online you should only shop with verified entities that are transparent, consumer backed and trustworthy.

NikeDZ possesses none of these traits sadly.

No information of the sort is shared at

Lack of Transparency

NikeDZ is the perfect example of a discount retail scam that is too good to be true.

The site promotes big online sales yet they fail to provide any information regarding themselves?

The site is structured to serve as a quick-hitting scam, meaning that consumers aren’t meant to stick around for long.

They are meant to pick out a couple pairs of shoes they want, they go through the checkout process, their card gets charged and nothing is ever received in the end.

No Viable Contact Methods

As we have made well-known in previous associated scam reviews, the contact methods rendered by are not viable.

NikeDZ “Adidas Shoes” on sale.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a discount retail scam.

NikeDZ Scam Review

NikeDZ is an Adidas discount retail scam.

We’ve connected over 70 sites in total linked with the NikeDZ scam.

Absolutely ridiculous while it appears that the operators behind these scams exhibit zero signs of slowing down their scam operation anytime soon.

It is absolutely ridiculous that this scam organization has been able run this rampant while the scammers behind this operation reflect no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

If you have an experience to share we ask that you share it with us below!

Any insight and feedback is welcomed and can of great aid to our readers!

Outcome: NikeDZ is a scam!

Scam Site:

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