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GoPayUSA ( is an online loan matching network that has endured scrutiny lately due to a series of robocalls that are soliciting consumers to their site.

It is important to differentiate that GoPayUSA does not actually provide you with online loans but instead matches consumers with multiple online loan lenders.

Whether these lenders are legitimate or not is a different question since GoPayUSA fails to disclose their list of ‘approved’ lenders.

Operating with blatant anonymity and what is being coined the GoPayUSA Scam our honest review will provide you with the intel required to effectively evaluate whether or not GoPayUSA is a trustworthy loan matching network.

About GoPayUSA

GoPayUSA is a relatively new online loan matching network.

There is no About Us, Contact Us or information relating to how GoPayUSA came into inception.

Instead we are confronted with a rather ominous and anonymous loan matching network.

GoPayUSA exhibits nice site aesthetics and may rub off on site visitors as a legitimate loan matching network.

Allegedly working with over 300 lenders, GoPayUSA claims that these payday loan lenders are reputable yet they fail to mention any of their approved lenders.

Seems a bit odd, right?

While loan matching networks have been known to operate with anonymity the complete absence of information regarding their origin story, mission statement, network of lenders and loan rates is concerning to say the least.

Loans up to $1,000.00 are offered through

Contacting GoPayUSA

In order to find any contact information relating to GoPayUSA you must visit their Terms of Use which include the following contact information:

Telephone: 866-971-753 (An Incomplete Phone Number!)


According to their Terms of Use, “ is This website, which is a Nevada limited liability company.”

After conducting several search queries through the Nevada Secretary of State business registrar we were unable to confirm that ‘GoPayUSA’ or ‘’ is a legitimate LLC.

No other contact information or any ownership of the sort can be found at, leaving consumers only with their support email address.

GoPayUSA_Contact Contact Methods.

How does Work?

Residents 18 years of age or older who are legal residents of the US, Canada and the United Kingdom are able to submit loan requests at

There is no reference to a minimum credit score requirement while the application process is conducted entirely online.

Allegedly the application process takes no more than a few minutes to fill out while approval verdicts are said to be processed in less than 5 minutes.

According to their site, consumers with bad credit are okay to request a loan through their site.

For loan applicants who are approved and move forward with a lender, GoPayUSA states that the lenders can direct deposit your funds as quickly as the next business day.

So obviously consumers must possess a valid checking account in order to use GoPayUSA.

Loans ranging between $100 to $1,000 are available for request.

No reference to APRs are mentioned while GoPayUSA states that their lenders offer award-winning, low-rate PayDay loans saving our customers hundreds of dollars.

However, have you ever heard of a payday loan lender offering ‘low rates?’

It is essentially unheard of and since GoPayUSA fails to disclose any approximated loan rates we will refuse to believe the claim statement rendered above.

It should be noted that since GoPayUSA does NOT offer any direct loans, applicants who have their loan request approved will finish the loan application process with their approved lender(s).

Popularity was privately registered on November 2nd, 2018 through the URL Solutions, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank 1,242,332 of with a US rank of 247,382 as of July 5th, 2019.

Given GoPayUSA’s relatively poor web rankings we don’t believe the sites receives much incoming site visitors which indicates to us that they aren’t that reputable of a loan matching network.

GoPayUSA Choose Us ‘Benefits.’

Warning Signs

Lack of Transparency fails to operate with transparency.

They claim to be a Nevada based LLC yet multiple searches fail to render any credible results.

To add, there is no About US or information relating to the inception and reason for existence behind

Incomplete Contact Information

We are provided with an incomplete telephone number.

Leaving consumers with solely as a contact method.

Not what we would consider to be a user-friendly communication channel.

No Disclosure of Lenders/Loan Rates

This is perhaps one of the biggest red flags regarding

They claim to work with over 300 lenders, all of which are ‘reputable’ and offer low rate payday loans yet to use the words “low rate” and “payday loans” in the same sentence is rather oxymoronic (like jumbo shrimp, ain’t nothing JUMBO about it!)

The blatant lack of loan rates, APRs, loan durations, repayment periods and other essential loan information that should be known prior to handing over your personal and financial information to an unverified entity is worrying to us.

Is a Scam?

No, we do not believe GoPayUSA to be a scam but we certainly don’t believe they have done enough on their end to earn your trust.

GoPayUSA Scam Review may be a credible loan matching network but we believe that they come up short in regards to what prospective loan applicants should demand of a loan matching network before dishing out their sensitive information.

To us, it appears that GoPayUSA is all talk and no walk.

Why would you want to entrust your personal and financial information with an unverified loan matching network that fails to be forthright with you from the get-go?

This answer is obvious, you wouldn’t!

Stick with reputable loan matching networks if you are looking to acquire a FAIR, quick and ethical loan online.

Outcome: GoPayUSA Should Be Used At OWN Risk!

Best Personal Loan Matching Network: CashUSA (High Approval Ratings)


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