GetItFree.Us Scam? – [100’s of Complaints Reported]

Get It Free (GetItFree.Us) is a web platform that claims to scour the web for the best freebies, deals, coupons and sweepstakes.

Compiling them all into one convenient location while updating their offers daily, GetItFree is meant to serve as your one-stop shop for saving on the web.

What the operators behind GetItFree.Us would NOT like for you to know, however, would be how their operation has amassed hundreds of complaints and negatives reviews since their inception back in 2011.

Reflecting a “F” rating amongst the Better Business Bureau (as of June 28th, 2019), GetItFree reflects a history of reoccurring consumer complaints and have been labeled by many past customers as a “deceptive business.”

To learn more regarding Get It Free and what consumers are saying regarding GetItFree.Us we invite you to read our impartial review.

About Get It Free


GetItFree is an online platform that compiles a large selection of freebies, coupons, sweepstakes and deals.

Some of the promotional offers that you see at GetItFree.Us are featured by Get It Free while the majority of the offers incorporated into the interface of their site stems from third-parties.

The category of promotional offers featured at Get It Free are essentially endless.

From grocery goods, health & beauty products, kitchen cookware, gift cards, tech, luxury cars and so much more, Get It Free knows no bounds in regards to the offers they feature on their site.

Get It Free is free to use and is only available to consumers who resides within the United States.

Contacting Get It Free

Getting in touch with the operators behind Get It Free can be a frustrating experience if consumer feedback is to believed.

Perhaps this is partially due to the fact that Get It Free only features 3 different contact methods, none of which include a live chat or telephone number for quick resolution options.

For consumers seeking support or additional information, Get It Free advises that you write to them at

For those who are interested with working with Get It Free they are advised to utilize their contact submission form on their Contact Us page or email

(We Included More Contact Intel in the BBB Section Below)

GetItFree.Us Complaints

There is no denying that there is an exceptional volume of complaints regarding consumers inability to receive freebies from Get It Free affiliated 3rd parties.

Shared below are some of the most concerning complaints we found regarding Get It Free:

GetItFree HighYa Reviews

“I applied for a PayPal gift card and a Walmart gift card. Answered all their survey questions and applied for the “silver” promo as it states it requires. Even received an approval on the Walmart and PayPal, but they still send me emails stating I didn’t complete the silver portion. Don’t do this, most of the silver offers affect your credit report as credit karma advised me. Shame on you! This is unacceptable and seems to be the norm. To me, this is now a scam, and if this is not resolved, I will take this to other online media and possibly the news. This started out as just to try free socks, which I never received either. Don’t fall for this. I would give negative stars if there was that option.”

“This company showed that you can get free stuff and I have put in for the free stuff twice and did not get the stuff. This company should do what it says and not do false advertising, so as not to suck people in. They also keep sending emails, sometimes 10 times per day, and does not put in that you do not do what they say. I have written the company about this matter twice and have not got any response back from them.”

“Get It Free is a total scam. I’ve done my research and found I’ve made you a lot of money. I’ve clicked, answered questions, clicked, and answered the same exact questions several times in one setting on several different occasions but to have never ever gotten anything free. I know you profit from clicks and visits. I can only imagine with the advertisements and offers you puts out how many people click out of curiosity. Another “get rich quick scheme” that’s definitely paying off on your end. SHAMEFUL! Karma.”

Get It Free reflected a 3 out of 5 consumer review rating out of 248 reviews shared at

GetItFree LottoExposed Reviews

Out of 41 reviews, GetItFree.Us reflected a 3.3 out of 5 star rating at LottoExposed.

“Spent ten minutes trying to find these freebies. A week later got spam emails.”

“”Get It Free” is a worthless site that sells your information and you will never receive not 1 free item from them. Only headaches from the 100s of other sites calling and emailing you every day…”

“like y’all I’ve tried it too and it is a scam I’ve been promised so many things and say congratulations you got this blah blah blah I have not received anything and my dewalt drill set I haven’t received it I haven’t received anything and now when I go on there and try to do the survey to get another thing it won’t even let me get to where I’m supposed to go it just keeps sending me over and over to this that and the other back to 2016 with freebies they have supposedly given out.”

GetItFree.Us LottoExposed Reviews.

GetItFree BBB Reviews

“I went to this website understanding they were offering free things to try as a way to introduce products to the consumer. Instead I was required to answer one survey after another. I’ve gotten Phone calls from people even though I answered no to the questions on the survey. When I say I’m not interested they continue to call and get rude because you won’t buy their products. This appears to be nothing more than ascam. I’ve never gotten anything for free. I get emails saying to get this product press this and have a timed survey that goes to another survey etc.”

“”GET IT FREE” is a lying,fake, scam site!.Do not give your information to them.! I learned very quickly after being harassed daily with promises of free products & such. After playing there circle-jerk game for hours& hours taking you in circles &asking the same questions over&over again,sometimes leading to them even charging you for certain things& still ending with NOTHING. Recently I became disabled &in efforts to obtain free items or anything to help out my family, I fell for this site to start out because they advertise so much so it must be true,right? Wrong, wrong& wrong again.How is this even legal? Never not 1 free sample or product or cash that they promise but now i have 100s of other places calling& emailing me. What a nightmare! Only now have I found the true, honest freebie sites after many trial by error efforts. These places,especially the “Get It Free “sites, sell your information & never give you anything but a head ache. They suck!!!!”

“I fell for the offer for free samples.. 3 hours of surveys, Ton of Spam and phone calls trying to sell you something… truly a scam just to get your information and they must sell or give this info to others.. No samples ever sent to me. DON’T SIGN UP !! Unless you like junk email and phone calls..”

These complaints were found within the Customer Review section of the BBB.


GetItFree.Us was registered by the Zeeto Group LLC on April 21st, 2011 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, GetItFree.Us reflected a global rank of 15,188 with a US rank of 2,561 as of June 28th, 2019.

Ranked as the 49th most popular coupon & rebate site, GetItFree receives well-over 4 million site visitors per month while approximately 95.27% of their traffic stems from US site visitors.

Over 38% of the sites traffic originates from a combination of referral, social media, e-mail and display advertisement sources.

There can be no denying that GetItFree.Us appears to be a popular site amongst US consumers.

How does Get It Free Work?

Get It Free is said to operate within a 5 step fashion.

Step 1

Browse their website for various offers, for more select offers you can browse by using their search bar.

GetItFree Redeem Example.

Step 2

Selecting an offer will redirect you to a page with more intel on that product.

GetItFree Redeem Step 2.

Step 3

You can redeem an offer by following the instruction posted underneath the offer description, begin the process by clicking “Redeem Now” button.

GetItFree Redeem Step 3.

Step 4

Now located in your basket will be the prompt to click “Redeem Freebie.”

GetItFree.Us Redeem Step 4.

Step 5

A page should appear (typically the third-party site that is hosting the offer), follow the instructions on the page, fill out the required forms and click submit.

Get It Free Reviews

As you have deduced, there are LARGE volume of complaints regarding GetItFree.Us.

However, there are some positive reviews we found regarding Get It Free.

TrustPilot, for instance, reflects a 4 out of 5 star rating for GetItFree.Us.

Shared below are some positive reviews we found regarding Get It Free:

“Ok, so here’s the thing. I recently got into binging on free samples. I signed up for a couple of the “get it free” things a saw.. which DID lead me to a survey.. mostly about nothing I was interested in. Then usually some short questions actually relating to the product they’re claiming to offer and my shipping address, ok. No big deal. I have gotten so much junk mail, BUT .. I gotta say they’re legit. I’ve gotten three products from them that were actually nice. Tresemme hairspray, a Morphe brush and a drill bit. It is just SUCH a hit or miss. I don’t know how to tell what’s real and what’s not because I’ve only ever gotten confirmation emails those three times.. everything else is spam”

“I am so happy !!!! My gift Is nice !!!!”

“I really loves my sample I got from them well 100% use get it free”

“I am so excited! This is the first item I’ve ever received from Get It Free. I signed up for it thinking “This seems like a joke, but why not try it,” and am extremely surprised to see that I actually got the item I signed up to get/requested! The particular item is the Real Techniques Brush #206. I am extremely impressed!”

Whether these ‘reviews’ are authentic we are unable to verify.

GetItFree TrustPilot Reviews.

GetItFree.Us Better Business Bureau

GetItFree.Us profile at the Better Business Bureau provides concerning insight into Get It Free.

BBB Rating: F

Customer Reviews (Out of 31 Reviews): 1 out of 5 stars

Customer Complaints (Past 3 Years): 32 (15 of which were closed)

Business Name: Zeeto Group, LLC

Location of Business: P.O. Boz 12630, San Diego, CA 92112

Shared below are some of the most recent customer reviews shared at BBB:

“I was minding my own business scrolling down my newsfeed on ********, and came across an ad with the The guys voice in the background stating that get it was giving away free samples of **** *** ********* they stated that although I’m headed to do was go to get to have a free sample shipped to my door, I thought cool I’ll do that, gave them my phone number email address and home address as well as my home add you guys voice in the background stating that get it was giving away free samples of **** *** ********* they stated that all I’m needed to do was go to go to www.get it to have a free sample shipped to my door, I thought cool I’ll do that, gave them my phone number email address and home address, as well as my Home telephone number, along with questions! I’ve never received so many soliciting calls , Different numbers but all advertising the same thing. I didn’t know I was the only one who had the same problem, I’ve asked several times to be placed on the “do not call list” ( which I recently found out that you have to take her measures to be actually placed on the do not call list and actually not receive any phone calls and it’s not a free service) but it just came down to me changing all my telephone numbers because they just won’t stop bugging me , And had I known their true intentions were never to give anyone a free sample of anything, I would have never given my information to whatever type of company this is.”

“I know that the site is a complete fraudulent deceiving scammers to send members in circles with no End.I don’t even think it deserves 1 star but I can’t undo.”

“I feel this site is a joke! I have NEVER, NEVER GOTTEN anything from y’all except a bunch of telemarketing calls and a pain in my ear! You are a joke! I am telling everyone i know what a joke rhis site is and that you cause alot of headache. Never believe anything that comes feom this site. Wish i had never even pushed the button to supposedly get free items. So please remove my info from yall system. Very much disappointed.”

“Had add from web site tell me because I was att customer that I had won a choice off gifts , I choose 1000.00 gift card from ****** went threw all prompts even gave out my info and after 30 mins was left at web site and started receiving text messages adds immediately. Never got 1,000 gift card for ******”

These customer reviews can be found at the Better Business Bureau.

GetItFree.Us BBB Complaints.

Get It Free – Trustworthy or Not?

If GetItFree incorporated measures to hold their third-parties liable for fulfilling customer promotional offers then maybe we would deem Get It Free as trustworthy but sadly they fall significantly short of this simple measure to protect their users.

Not to mention that there appears to be a significant sum of complaints regarding Get It Free and their associated 3rd parties, which should be NOT be overlooked in exchange for the prospect of obtaining a free item.

GetItFree.Us Scam Review

Before you decide to commit with Get It Free we advise that you visitor the consumer review portals embedded in our review above and browse relevant feedback pertaining to GetItFree.Us.

Given their history of consumer complaints, it is obvious that many of the third-parties affiliated with Get It Free cannot be trusted while Get It Free operators fail to be responsible for whatever actions that they affiliated partners may exercise.

Too many, Get It Free seems to be a big data harvesting scam but obviously for legal reasons we cannot justly declare such an accusation.

We wish that Get It Free would accept responsibility for their partners or atleast employ a steeper vetting process making it much more difficult for untrustworthy 3rd parties to be partnered with Get It Free.

It is obvious from the excessive complaints that Get It Free has MUCH to improve upon.

Outcome: Get It Free CANNOT Be Trusted!

Site: GetItFree.Us

Please share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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