G-Plans Scam Review – Over 100 Complaints Reported!!

Is G Plans (G-Plans.com) a scam?

That is a question we hope to help you justly determine for yourself throughout the course of this scam review.

Amassing a considerable volume of complaints over the past year, G Plans has endured a significant sum of scrutiny regarding their customized nutrition programs.

Racking up well over 100 complaints at the Better Business Bureau, G-Plans has started to become a trending subject of discussion across the consumer marketplace.

To learn more regarding G Plans and whether you can trust this nutrition-based company we invite you to read our honest review.

About G Plans


G-Plans is said to be the only automated, metabolic weight loss and nutrition program that provides weekly, customized meal programming and conditioning based upon the parameters of one’s metabolic type.

G-Plans.com is backed by a corporation known as Golgia Nutrition, LLC where they claim to possess over 30 years of experience in regards to designing individual nutrition programs.

This experience is said to stem from Dr. Golgia, a nutritionist with 30 plus years of experience under his belt.

Offering weight-loss, energy boosting and immune building supplements, G Plans has allegedly be relied upon by popular actors, TV personalities and consumers of all walks of life.

In addition to selling various supplements, G-Plans offers a variety of nutrition programs that are designed for better food management, maintenance and custom nutrition.

What makes G-Plans a rather reputable and an easily marketable all-around nutrition corporation would be how G-Plans has developed their own mobile application.

While it is difficult for anyone to dispute Dr. Golgia reputation and credibility, if consumer feedback shared below is to believed then it is quite obvious that the operators employed through Golgia Nutrition, LLC have much to improve upon.

How G-Plans.com Work

In order to get started with G-Plans, consumers must download the G-Plans: Customized Nutrition mobile app which is only available for iOS devices in the App Store.

After taking their free, metabolic-ID quiz, G-Plans offers 3 different subscription plans that are said to be accompanied with a no hassle 30 day money back guarantee.

Monthly Subscription: $39.99

3 Month Subscription: $99.99

Yearly Subscription: $169.99

When embarking upon the nutrition subscriptions, members are said to receive weekly meal plans with custom recipes, professional nutrition coaching and guidance, a caloric calculator along with a dedicated customer support team that is said to be available around the clock.

Programs are suitable for consumers who possess dietary restrictions and allergies for those who conduct Paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, and other lifestyles.

Access to their community consisting of thousands of like-minded individuals are also said to be a perk while there is said to be over 300 pages of recipes from Dr. Golgia’s best selling book “Turn Up The Heat.”

In addition, users will receive fitness tips for how to optimize their workouts while they also offer their users the ability to pair with Apple Health Kit, to provide a more encompassing oversight of one’s health through the G-Plans application.

**It should be noted that subscriptions are automatically established with an auto-renewal feature which can be turned off in Account Settings.**

G-Plans Metabolic-ID.

Contacting G Plans

G-Plans features a contact submission form on their Contact page at G-Plans.com.

In addition, they provide the email address: support@g-plans.com.

Additional contact information we found at the Better Business Bureau regarding G-Plans would be as follows:

Physical Address

2800 28th St. #130
Santa Monica, CA 90405-6213

Telephone Number: (855) 265-1513

G-Plans does appear to possess social media outlets too.

Dr. Golgia of G-Plans.

G Plans Complaints

The volume of complaints plaguing G-Plans is staggering.

Shared below is a small collection of the MANY complaints we found regarding G Plans:

G-Plans BBB

“Refund was refused during 14 day cooling off period. On 29th June 2019 I paid for a subscription to G Plans. I agreed to the monthly plan and then was offered a discounted upgrade to an annual plan. I agreed to the upgrade. The following day, after logging in and seeing what the service was like, I cancelled my account and requested a refund. The customer service representative refused a refund and said that I had agreed to terms and conditions stating that they would not give refunds on annual plans. I didn’t see this information when the upgrade was offered. The representative showed me an image of what the information should’ve looked like on the page and the writing was too small to read and the text did not stand out against the white background of the site. I told the representative this and they denied the issue and refused my request for a refund again. I do not believe it is possible for their personal terms and conditions to violate my consumer rights but they disagree although they have agreed that I have not waived my consumer rights. However they are still refusing my refund.”

“They  refuse to refund me, when I asked them within 24 hrs to refund me. I paid by debit card on April 17, I requested a refund on April 18, they emailed me back April 20, stating they would not refund me the entire amount. I emailed back and a 2nd time they refused as well.”

“They  advertised saying that you can easily get a refund with the 30 day trial but they have not responded to any emails. They advertised their 30 day trial as no risk and with an easily attainable refund. It says you just have to email their support. I have emailed them 3 times in the last week, they have not responded nor did anyone on their online help center. There is no contact number to reach them in and I know that after 30 days they are going to say it is too late for a refund.”

G-Plans.com BBB Profile.

G-Plans ComplaintsBoard

“I registered yesterday for the 1 month trial and right after, I was asked if I want the 3 month menu for 60$. I chose not to, but I was doing it on my phone, and nothing happened, so I thought maybe the site froze. I tried to click everywhere, and when I clicked on the buy, immediately it took the 60$ of my account. Noone asked, do I want to pay again, so I wrote right after an email to the support what happened. Also I wrote on the chat no answer. More than 24 hours later (at the very moment) I still havent got any answer. Do you have any suggestions where should I write, who should I make a contact? Im from Hungary, so I dont know where to make a complaint and what are my chances, to get my money back, but I dont want to leave it alone.”

G-Plans ReviewoPedia

“These people are à fraud I registered for the application twice since the first Time i couldn’t login and never received an e-mail to confirm this – they refuse to refund despite the fact that i requested them to verify if I was already registered to which they responded to login if not the account had not been validated. Today because i chose a yearly plan they refuse to refund despite me having paid twice – ridiculous and unprofessional”

“If I could give them zero stars I would. Their money back guarantee is a a lie. Horrible customer service. you can never talk to a live person. They were an extreme disappointment and I regret joining 110%”

“30 day money back guarantee my ass. Do not give these people your credit card. I am filing a complaint with TX Attorney General….they need to be sued for deceptive practices.”

As you can see there is a reoccurring trend in regards to refund-oriented complaints with G-Plans.


G-Plans.com implies that they have been featured in CNN, Vogue, Golds Gym, Men’s Fitness, People, Entertainment and inTouch Weekly.

According to SimiliarWeb, G-Plans.com is a rather popular site which reflected a global rank of 55,177 with a US rank of 17,357 as of July 7th, 2019.

Over 63% of the sites traffic is derived from US based consumers while social media outlets accounted for approximately 62.32% of ALL traffic sources for G-Plans.com.

Off their social traffic, Facebook contributed to 66.00%, Pinterest for 25.68% and YouTube for 8.32%.

It has been reported that consumers first became aware of G Plans through advertisements found on Facebook and Pinterest, so obviously these operators are incorporating social media advertisements to expand their user-base.

G-Plans.com Supplements.

G Plans Reviews

Not all the feedback surrounding G-Plans is considered negative.

In fact, there are a considerable amount of positive reviews regarding G-Plans.

Take for instance some of the positive feedback we found regarding G-Plans below:

G-Plans App Store (3.5 out of 5 Stars, 521 Ratings)

“I’ve used Weight Watchers for years, but I was looking for something a little more tailored to me. Pros: The test was fun and shed some insight. The recipes are fairly simple and enjoyable. Cons: One of the main reasons I was looking forward to this app was the ease of picking recipes that then generated a grocery list(saving me about 2 hours every Sunday planning). Imagine my frustration when after shopping I came home to find that my grocery list was fairly incomplete. You see, all the “free foods” like condiments, spices, sauces, curry pastes, fresh toppings(liked diced tomato for tacos) don’t generate in the grocery app. So just like WW(but for more money) I’m left spending time hand writing out a grocery list doing math on ingredients times x amount of meals etc. Making the grocery function useless. My other issue is that the app is glitchy. Often takes too long to load, doesn’t seem to receive the signal from my touchscreen until multiple attempts, and not infrequently just needs to reboot. If they fix the grocery list and the lags, I’d love this app. I think the concept behind this eating plan is a good one. But it was not well executed app wise. I’ve yet to be able to input my water intake. So frustrating. If it’s not fixed soon I’m going to cancel unfortunately.”

“It took a few tries to figure out how to add my food changes that weren’t recommended, but other than that, it worked very well. I have read reviews where folks think you can’t change recipes to ones not listed. If you need to change the food item, and it isn’t recommended, just go to your recipe choice (no matter what it was). “Add” the items you want to eat with the “add” button within whatever recipe is loaded. “Remove” any item you didn’t eat (regardless of the recipe loaded). Then click ,”track.” That’s all you have to do. I am always shocked at the “recalculation” for my macros. You can instantly see if your choice was good for you or not. Usually, not! Hence, why I needed this diet. Adding “my” choices for eating, with this app, is one of the ways I can track if I am grasping the macros, outside of the recommendations. I love the taste of the recipes, and the communication from coaches thru the app. When I have questions, they are quick to reply. I check in once a week, and they recalculate recommendations. I have so many complements on my skin, weight, and healthy look. I bet 20 people asked me what diet I was on. Love everything about it!”

“So far I’m loving the plan and feeling improved energy and have already lost a bit of weight. That being said, the app needs some work. There seems to be a way to put in foods that are not part of your plan (example, I ate an extra apple and want to log that) but it isn’t functional. The grocery list doesn’t work well- I plugged in my entire plan and went to the grocery store and bought everything I needed only to get home ready to cook and find out I was missing half of the required ingredients. Also I think the portion sizes don’t adjust as they should- for example my recipe may conform to my body’s plan and I make myself a bowl of what turns out to be about 1 cup of food yet the recipe says to add 1/2 cup of onions. I would like the “swap” option to include maybe some easier choices so that if I don’t have time to cook a whole recipe I have another choice or could at least log what I did end up eating. Lastly, I wish there were more vegan options- I’m pretty much limited to 4-5 different meals to choose from and they are the same meals for both dinner and lunch so it’s getting old to eat the same things every day.”

G-Plan Mobile App.

More positive reviews like a couple of the following below can be found at reviewopedia.com.

“I give it 4 stars, but I think it could be 5 stars once they improve the app a bit. They have fixed most of the things in the app that were not working. I signed up for 1 month for $39 then upgraded to the discounted annual plan for additional $120, so $159 for 1 year.…I recommend this diet if you need to lose a lot of weight and are ready to commit to the long term process of eating healthy to do it!”

“I was a little shocked to read the reviews here. I just started on the program but so far my experience has been completely different and I am thrilled! The app has so many food choices that can be completely customized spontaneously as I move thru the day… Each and every meal can be modified and swapped. This is the first diet in a long time that I have felt hopeful about it, and enjoyed the large selection of foods.”

More reviews (mostly negative) and over a 100 complaints can be found at the BBB.org, where G-Plans.com reflects a “F” BBB Rating.

G-Plans.com – Worth the Hassle?

Many consumers report having great experiences with G-Plans but the volume of complaints we found regarding G-Plans and their apparent reluctance to promptly handle and execute refund requests make us believe they wouldn’t be worth the potential hassle to many users who may be testing out G-Plans for the first-time.

G-Plans.com Scam Review

G-Plans markets themselves as a health technology company that develops cutting edge health and nutrition products through data, science and their founder, Dr. Golglia.

Despite their boost in popularity over the past few months, G Plans has suffered a considerable sum of scrutiny through what is supposed to be a hassle free, 30 day money back guarantee.

Most of the complaints you find plaguing G-Plans deals one way or another in regards to consumers having a difficult time acquiring a refund.

This makes it especially discouraging for new consumers who are looking to get started with G-Plans but don’t feel comfortable committing yet along with those who posses a more strict budget.

While it is obvious that there are many areas that G-Plans could improve upon that does not mean that it should deter prospective members from requesting a free trial or giving G-Plans a shot.

For those of you who have had a difficult time securing a refund, make sure to share your experiences and complaints with the Better Business Bureau, G Plans appears rather active on that platform (for if you’re having a difficult time with their customer service team).

Outcome: G-Plans Should Be Pursued at OWN Risk!

Site: G-Plans.com

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