EarningCrypto.Club Scam Exposed – Get the Facts!!

Do NOT Exchange your Bitcoins with the EarningCrypto.Club Scam!

Not only is EarningCrypto.Club an outdate scam but it is a bad one at best!

Operating with blatant anonymity the proposals and ‘offers’ to generate an income on their site through the exchange of Bitcoin, to Ethereum then back to Bitcoin is preposterous.

None of the offers that you see represented at EarningCrypto.Club are genuine.

To get the full scoop regarding EarningCrypto.Club we invite you to read our unbiased review where we’ll rip this scam apart – root and stem!

About EarningCrypto.Club Scam


EarningCrypto.Club is an anonymously operated cryptocurrency scam.

There are no About Us or Contact Us pages.

No physical addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses or any identifying information of the sort.

The so-called ‘income opportunity’ awaiting you at EarningCrypto.Club is not legitimate and works under a remarkable simple capacity.

How does EarningCrypto.Club Work?

The operators behind these sites claim that you can earn $300 per day by using their system.

All you need is approximately is 0.003 BTC in your Bitcoin wallet along with an Ethereum wallet.

Then allegedly all you have to do is exchange your 0.003 BTC to Ethereum by using their ‘exchanger.’

Your BTC will magically become 0.185 Ethereum where you can then use a different exchange wallet to convert the recently exchanged Ethereum back into Bitcoin, resulting in an “increase” in Bitcoin due to their blatant business concept of how when you convert BTC to ETH then back again to BTC it somehow, magically, increases the value of your outputting BTC.

Multiple this transaction by no less than 20 cycles and you’ll allegedly amass your $300 a day.

First off, let us point out to you how this scam works.

There is no exchange happening apart from one.

This ‘exchange’ or theft we should say, occurs when an unsuspecting consumer submits their Bitcoin to the allocated BTC address rendered on their affiliated site (coin2coin.co).

There is no other exchange than your Bitcoin going into their BTC wallet.

EarningCrypto.Club Red Flags

Poor Business Model

The business model employed at EarningCrypto.Club is non-sensical.

There is no logic behind it.

It is obvious that the operators behind this scam are preying upon novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are still unaware of how cryptocurrencies function as a whole.

Blatant Anonymity

EarningCrypto.Club operates with blatant anonymity.

There is no reference to ownership or identifying information on their site.

Obviously the operators have something to hide.

Why would you want to conduct business with an entity that fails to tell you are scrap of information relating to their services and who is behind them?

The answer is, you wouldn’t.

Outdated Photoshopped Images

There is a photoshopped image of a Blockchain wallet featured near the footer of EarningCrypto.Club.

The price of BTC on that image reflected a price value of $7,984.96 (a far cry from the price it is today (07/08/2019) of $11,895.00).

Don’t believe the illusive hype surrounding this ridiculous Bitcoin scam.

EarningCrypto.Club ‘Blockchain Wallet.’


EarningCrypto.Club was privately registered on December 15th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimiliarWeb, EarningCrypto.Club reflected a global rank of 584,471 with a Brazil rank of 119,506 as of July 8th, 2019.

Among the demographics most targeted by this scam would be Brazil (20.82%), Ukraine (10.65%), Russia (10.30%), Turkey (5.65%) and Venezuela (5.34%).

Approximately 82.05% of the sites traffic is derived from referral based sources while over an additional 10% of their traffic originates from social media, e-mail and display advertisement sources.

Adbtc.Top contributed for over 98% of all EarningCrypto.Club referral traffic, which is a traffic exchange site where site visitors get compensated for viewing advertisements on their site.

Utilizing traffic exchange sites to create the illusion that fraudulent sites are more popular than they truly are is a measure oftentimes exercised by cryptocurrency scams such as EarningCrypto.Club.

EarningCrypto.Club – Scam or Legit?

EarningCrypto.Club is a scam.

EarningCrypto.Club Scam Review

EarningCrypto.Club is a poorly constructed Bitcoin scam that targets newbie Bitcoin traders and gullible crypto enthusiasts.

Claiming that users can generate $300 per day by using their little ‘trick’ is absolutely ludicrous.

We can tell you that the only result that will occur with EarningCrypto.Club would be the exchange (theft) of your Bitcoin from your wallet to theirs.

Since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible as well, once they got your BTC there is virtually no way of getting those transactions reversed back to your possession.

Combine that with the how EarningCrypto.Club fails to incorporate any contact or ownership information and it becomes evident that EarningCrypto.Club is a scam.

Outcome: EarningCrypto.Club is a Scam!

Scam Site: EarningCrypto.Club

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